Thailand by Bus (Part 4) – Chiangrai > Maesai

Welcome to Chiangrai! Sawadeekrap!

Welcome to Chiangrai! Sawadeekrap!

Chiangrai city is the capital of Chiangrai province, Thailand’s most northern province. It is about 800 kms from the capital city Bangkok, and some 180kms from Chiangmai city. We headed further north to Maesai, a border town between Thailand and Myanmar, about an hour drive from Chiangrai city.  Maesai is well-known for made-in-China counterfeit goodies, from electronic items to clothings to precious stones.  The Myanmar side of the border is Tachilek, a town used to be ruled by warlords in opium business. I was informed it was possible to cross the border for some small fee in USD, but you must leave the passport with Myanmar army at the checkpoint on the river. We did not do this, eventhough I wanted very much to visit Tachilek.  Remember this is the organized tour. I had no control over itinerary. Same excuse.  May be next time. (Anyway,  see my other postings on Yangon, Myanmar).

One more thing before I forget, there is quite a big masjid in Maesai, which goes to show that there is quite a moslem community in this area.  The masjid is along the main road. Follow the sign Masjid An-noor.

The rest of Chiangrai, Maesai and environs pixs are here.

Thailand by Bus (Part 4) – Chiangrai / Maesai

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