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Mosques in Guangzhou, CHINA (Huai-sheng ...

Mosques in Guangzhou, CHINA (Huai-sheng Mosque)

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Visa On Arrival (VOA) now available for ...

Visa On Arrival (VOA) now available for foreigners visiting Myanmar

Beginning June 2010, Myanmar immigration , tourist department and airlines confirmed that the new on arrival VISA will be issued for all foreigners at both entry points of Yangon and Mandalay ¬†international airports.¬† Previous practise is that you are required to apply upfront in your home country Myanmar visa prior to departure — airlines flying […]

Mosques in Yangon (Masjid-masjid di Yang...

Mosques in Yangon (Masjid-masjid di Yangon, MYANMAR)

Moslem community in Myanmar is quite sizeable that almost every town got at least one mosque to cater for Moslem community of which I reckon almost 10-20% of the entire population of Myanmar. They are rather self-sufficient community with respect to relationship to Allah (“hablumminannas“). Internally, their house of worship (masjids) are well decorated, with […]