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Month: July 2013

Malindo Air flies to Miri, Sarawak


For RM109 all-in fare one-way, I flew to Miri from KLIA on 5 July 2013. Not bad considering individual entertainment screen playing blockbuster movies from Asian and western, a small bottle of mineral water, 2 pieces of egg sandwiches and 20 kg luggage, all thrown in that price. And look guy, the plane is new and modern. The aircraft 737-900ER is the latest member of the 737 series, first delivery to Indonesia Lion Air in 2007.

With that, Malindo has lived up to its mantra – not just a low cost.

But the landing was a bit rough in Miri, despite clear weather. Maybe the pilot was fresh from the academy.

Halal food in Miri, Sarawak


This is Taman Seroja foodcourt. Located within walking distant to city center attractions such as Hotel Mega, Hotel Imperial, Miri handicraft center, Bintang Megamall, waterfront, it is an open-air eateries with stalls selling local foods from fried rice, nasi lalapan, nasi campur, noodles, grilled fish, and even soup and soto.  Price are reasonable. Which stall is good? You have to try it for yourself. Soup seems ok, the right-most stall. Sup tulang, as the name implies, is literally sup tulang. Soto comes with rice cubes. A bit overpriced. My friend Julayhi said fried rice at next stall is good. Never tried before.
If you are into nasi lalapan, do not come here. Instead go to its founder. Muara Restaurant at Jln North Yu Seng.

Returning to Miri again

Miri in Sarawak is a beautiful city. On 5 July 2013, I returned to the city. I found this billboard greeting travellers to the city, while exiting Miri Airport (Airport code MYY).  It was a good feeling to be welcomed in the foreign place. Foreign in the sense that you must go thru immigration checkpoint once you landed in the Miri airport, eventhough you are Malaysian from KL or from other states within Malaysia.

I sure missed few things about Miri, one of them is nasi lalapan, others being road condition going out of city and its nearness to Brunei, which allows you to travel to the small wealthy kingdom with ease. I must say if there is two journeys I must undertake in Borneo, it would be Kuching-Pontianak and Sibu-Kapit.  Well, I will return this coming Malaysia Day to Miri.

By the way, one simple quiz to test your Malaysia knowledge; how many hours it takes for a bus ride from Sibu to Kapit?

Masjid Azzubair ibnul Awwam di Bandar Sri Permaisuri, KL


Saya singgah sebentar di masjid ini pada 30 Jun 2013 untuk solat Asar selepas menghantar Syahirah ke apartmentnya berdekatan Stesen LRT Cheras.

Masjid ini terletak di simpang tiga berlampu isyarat, sepanjang Jalan Jelawat. Akses ke sini melalui Jalan Cheras dan Jalan Ikan Emas. 

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