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Month: October 2013

Flight AK5648 to Miri, Sarawak


It has been quite sometime I have not traveled on AirAsia flight. For 2 reasons. Firstly I could not collect frequent flyer points as what I did with Malaysia Airlines. Secondly there has not been much fare difference between AK flight and MH flight, therefore I can afford 5-star air ticket offered by national carrier. This flight I took from LCCT to Miri was on time and turbulent-free and I spent 2 hours 10 minutes on Seat 21E with eyes closed. I guess most passengers were too tired. Nobody responded to air stewardesses in red moving along aisle selling foods and souvenirs. I only opened my eyes when the plane touched down in Miri at 9:50pm.

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Masjid An-Naim, Jln Kebun, Shah Alam


Masjid ini terletak di Jalan Kebun, Shah Alam, Selangor. Terletak di tepi jalan besar sepanjang Jalan Kebun menghala Kota Kemuning. Aku sempat solat Zuhur di sini pada hari Sabtu 5 Oktober 2013.  Masjid ini agak lama tetapi diselenggara dengan baik dari segi kebersihan dan kelengkapan dan kemakmuran.

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