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Thailand by Bus (Part 2) – Bangkok > Pat

Thailand by Bus (Part 2) – Bangkok > Pattaya

We continued the journey to the north and stopped for Maghrib/Isyak prayers and dinner at a rest area along the highway somewhere near Hatyai.  After that it was a long journey along scenic coastal routes and provinces like Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani (gateway to Koh Samui islands) and Chumpon, but alas  we could not […]

Thailand by Bus (Part 1) – Narathiwat >

Thailand by Bus (Part 1) – Narathiwat > Pattani > Songkhla

This is a trip by bus performed in November 2007, during year-end school holidays. To be exact, from November 17th until November 24th. The plan was then to travel across Thailand literally from the southernmost tip (Sg Kolok – border town Thailand/Malaysia) until northernmost tip (Maesai – border town Thailand/Myanmar) within one week. And we […]

Malaysia > Perak > Ipoh

Malaysia > Perak > Ipoh

Ipoh is a city north of Kuala Lumpur. I have been here quite a number of times, mainly on business trips, and sometimes on my way back up north to Alor Setar, or to the east to Kota Bharu via Cameron Highland and Gua Musang. Not a big bustling city though, it started as a […]

Myanmar / Insein Prison

Myanmar / Insein Prison

26/6/2009: Today I was alone and had no concrete plan for the day, apart from working on this blog. After Zuhur prayer at regular Kokhine masjid along Kabaye Pagoda Road,  I took another road less traveled (by tourists). The road snaked up to the north of Yangon City. My destination is Insein, one of 47 […]

“You said you are international company.

“You said you are international company. How come no plan for us?”

One of my HCN staff  (read: local Myanmar staff) returned from Malaysia today after meeting our sponsored trainee trainees who are undergoing technician training program there. The program is to prepare them for real work at various sites where we operate in Myanmar. I did not attend this visit as I just came from Malaysia […]