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Mosques in Yangon (Masjid-masjid di Yang...

Mosques in Yangon (Masjid-masjid di Yangon, MYANMAR)

Moslem community in Myanmar is quite sizeable that almost every town got at least one mosque to cater for Moslem community of which I reckon almost 10-20% of the entire population of Myanmar. They are rather self-sufficient community with respect to relationship to Allah (“hablumminannas“). Internally, their house of worship (masjids) are well decorated, with […]

Monsoon’s coming to Yangon, finally

Monsoon’s coming to Yangon, finally

May 17th 2010: It has been hot, really hot in Yangon for the last couple months. Temperature rised up to 46C in some areas. They expected rain during last Thingya n Water Festival, but God said NOT YET. A mosque near Aung San Stadium conducted special hajat prayers to call for the rain last FRiday. […]