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A flower girl in Yangon (Part 2)

July 2, 2010:

Met her again at the Shwegondaing intersection.

She was as innocent as ever, wearing the same sweet smile, very natural indeed. She rushed to my car knocking at the window gently, as what she did last time. She waved a string of jasmine flower for sale, as what she did last time. Unlike what I did last time, this time I rushed to get some kyats from my work pant deep inside the sport bag, as I just returned from a badminton game at the university sport complex.  But alas I could not control the traffic light. The light turned green so fast, and the car had to move. I missed her again. May be next time. I forgot her name but I could never forget her smile.

It was an interesting sight at the Shwegonedain intersection in Yangon, Myanmar. In this city, everyone has a story. Every face tells a story.


Mosque in Guangzhou, CHINA (Abi Waqas Mosque)


“It happened so fast.”

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  1. Roziah

    Salam. Bercadang nak ke Yangon dan Bagan pd bulan Nov. ’10 bersama beberapa rakan. Adakah terdapat kedai2 makanan halal di sana? Adakah terdapat masjid di Bagan?
    Agaka sukar mencari maklumat mengenai ini.
    Terima kasih.

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