This two-word noun is often heard again and again in a corporate life. Corporate world is for individual with high self-esteem. Bosses send their staff to enhance their self-esteem. We are required to enhance our self-esteem. Yet there are people suffering from the low self-esteem.

So what is this self-esteem all about?

It is the value you assign to your self. It is about your worth as a person or human being. Society we live in assign different values to different people based on their status. They treat some as “somebody” and others as “nobody.” Why this thing happens? To them to be a “somebody” requires a good job,  above 2.0 cc car, a particular skill, even connections to other “somebody”. In short you need tons of money to be a “somebody”. Their self-worth is tied to what they DO, what they HAVE, not who they are. They are not human BEINGS. They’ve become human HAVINGS, and human DOINGS.

A person’s self-esteem must always be 100% because we are humans.  What we have and what we do cannot guarantee happiness. We can pretend to be happy for a while but deep inside we are suffering because we cannot accept who we are. We are not in harmony with our self.


“Accept our self as a human being, not human having nor human doings”.