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Red ferrari parked outside (Miri, Sarawak)


Regardless what car you drive, the rule of this school must be obeyed. Students not allowed to park inside school compound.

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Two empty seats and one Van at BKI airport, Sabah


Message from Myanmar #1

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  1. Andy Powers

    Between September and December 1962 I was in charge of a crew of seven local Sarawakians doing the initial reconaissance road survey for the section of road from Lawas to the North Borneo (now Sabah) Border at either Merapok or Pantai. Because of the extent of swamp that section was too expensive for Sarawak’s budget at that time.  I would love for someone to describe in detail how the road goes from Lawas to Merapok.  GPS coordinates would be wonderful.
    Andy Powers, EX Peace Corps Volunteer.

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