This project was undertaken in August 2008. The motive was simple.  A close friend was posted to Mumbai, India and he emailed me — “This city is your type. You’ll like it. Come while I am still here.”  Despite busy schedule,  I did visit him one month before his repatriation to Malaysia, after getting my annual leave approved by the boss. All on my own expenses — except the accomodation, where we put up in his company-provided compressed but neat apartment in Bandra West, north of Mumbai. That was part of the deal to visit him — give me a place to sleep. We spent a couple of days exploring Mumbai, before we flew to Delhi to visit places tourist normally go. From Delhi we traveled 203km to Agra by road, to see one of the seven wonders of the world, the magnificient Taj Mahal. Back to Delhi the next day and later on the same day flew back to Mumbai on airline GoAir, one of many budget airlines plying domestic routes in India.

Follow these links for more photos on Mumbai.

This was my first trip to India. I have started this Mumbai story in my previous posting during blogspot days. Preparation before departure, visa requirement and small introduction to Mumbai (plus few places like Crawford Market and Flower Market and Dargah Haji Ali) can be found in this link. But heavy workload then was holding me from further update. This posting will continue, insyallah, from where I left last time. India is too interesting to be missed in your travel plan, before you die. So enjoy this story of the roads.

This series will start with Mumbai, followed by Delhi and Agra. (Technically speaking, I am testing In-Series plugin to tie this series together).