Ipoh is a city north of Kuala Lumpur. I have been here quite a number of times, mainly on business trips, and sometimes on my way back up north to Alor Setar, or to the east to Kota Bharu via Cameron Highland and Gua Musang. Not a big bustling city though, it started as a mining town in early 1950s, where rich towkeys call it home. Normally we stayed in Syuen Hotel, a hangout for Chinese businessmen, for obvious reasons. Ipoh Parade is just across the street and a DBI building and park is next to it.¬† Further up are foodstalls and warungs which operate from noon until midnight. So you will never get hungry, of course if you don’t mind that cholestrol things. Another must-go place for me if I am in Ipoh¬† is Mee Rebus Ramli and Restoran Mamak (Nasi Kandar Samad). I think all still there.