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Thailand by Bus (Part 5) – Ayutthaya > B

Thailand by Bus (Part 5) – Ayutthaya > Bangkok > .. > Sungai Kolok

Heading south from Chiangmai and Chiangrai and Maesai, we made a quick stop at this ancient city. Ayutthaya was a capital of  Siam, founded some 600 years ago. The Burmese army seized and destroyed the city in 1767 and what was left behind ever since were the ruins, which can be seen today.  Declared as […]

Thailand by Bus (Part 4) – Chiangrai > M

Thailand by Bus (Part 4) – Chiangrai > Maesai

Welcome to Chiangrai! Sawadeekrap! Chiangrai city is the capital of Chiangrai province, Thailand’s most northern province. It is about 800 kms from the capital city Bangkok, and some 180kms from Chiangmai city. We headed further north to Maesai, a border town between Thailand and Myanmar, about an hour drive from Chiangrai city.  Maesai is well-known […]

Thailand by Bus (Part 3) – Chiangmai & e

Thailand by Bus (Part 3) – Chiangmai & en route

We left Pattaya early in the morning on the third day. Continued to the north to Chiangmai bypassing Bangkok business district. There were many towns we passed by, as you can see in the photos link below. We finally stopped at Lampang to catch  Zuhur/Asr prayers at Masjid Al Falak. Lampang is the third largest […]