“You said you are international company. How come no plan for us?”

One of my HCN staff  (read: local Myanmar staff) returned from Malaysia today after meeting our sponsored trainee trainees who are undergoing technician training program there. The program is to prepare them for real work at various sites where we operate in Myanmar. I did not attend this visit as I just came from Malaysia last two weeks.  Normally in every visit, we engaged the trainees thru a dialog session which followed the presentation and briefing session. The management decided to change some terms in the training contract between the company and the trainees, but still reasonably and fairly.  But this did not go well for the trainees, and they started questioning our decision.  Some even threatened to go home (Myanmar) early, without completing the training program.

I knew most are good, but fell into the trap of  one or two brash leaders among themselves. They grouped together to attack the management and her.  I pitied her. She was there to convey the message only, and explain the rationale, but instead got shot. They were shooting the messenger.

“Where have all the polite and softspoken Myanmar people I knew of gone?”, I was wondering.

b u m i s e p i v3

June 21 2009

Today I successfully migrated this website to wordpress. Previously it was on blogspot. But you still can access the blogsport version which I called bumisepi V2 at blogroll. Bumisepi V1 is the original one, based on simple Word files. Why wordpress, you may ask?  Apart from rich in features and supports, it has something to do with politics. In Myanmar, some websites are  blocked by the military regime  among others blogspot, gmail  and yahoo mail. Updating this blog on demand is nearly impossible under this circumstance. Cannot do much. We respect their rules. I aways believe there is always a reason for everything we see and cannot see.

WordPress  – was informed it makes awsome sites. Well to me, so many things need to be un-learned and re-learned. Back to school time.

Anyway if you guys out there have better ways to reach to the star, let me know. Email me at abuadam2006@gmail.com.