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Saying goodbye to Yangon, MYANMAR

15 August 2010 (SUNDAY)

Every good thing must come to end. So is my assignment in Yangon, MYANMAR. Dawood the packers came to my apartment to put things in boxes on Friday and Saturday and I took one-way flight to KUL from Yangon on Sunday at 12:15 noon. The company organized a farewell dinner on Friday night, the second day of Ramadan in Myanmar. Yes we started fasting on Thursday, one day later after our brothers and sisters in Malaysia did. 
Saying farewell is not my cup of tea. But I managed to maintain my cool during entire session. First my boss went up to the rostrum saying all good things I have done. Then I went up saying all good things must come to pass. It was a short stay of 22 months in Myanmar but a memorable one. I told them I valued this international exposure and cherished every single encounter in this beautiful country. I had been to almost each and every one of my staff’s home visiting their spouse and parents and children.   I have attended many weddings and funerals, Myanmar way. Except for Bagan and Moulamine, I have been to most places such as Mandalay, Pyin Oo Lwin, Pathein, Chaungtha Beach, Bago, Napyidaw, Pyinmana, Inle Lake, Kalaw, Taungyi, Aung Ban, Twente, Tanglyin, Delta area. To the south, I have taken many roads less travelled in the name of work. Dawei, Kanbauk and the dusty road leading to our metering station near Thailand border and Thai border town of Ban-i-thong itself (illegal crossing), to name a few. I have taken numerous flights on Twin Otter and choppers to sites and to our offshore gas platform off Andaman Sea. It was a colorful life indeed in Myanmar. I concluded my speech that I had done all I could in developing host country national staff and now they are ready to take over. Then one of my favorite staff went up and say all the nice things about me.  I received a lot of gifts in form of Myanmar stone paintings and cotton materials. Two of my mentees were there also. Myanmar ladies are soft-hearted and I could see they were holding tears. I knew that.  The event was rather predictable as almost every alternate month management team of this organization celebrated a departure of Malaysian expatriate back to Kuala Lumpur, in the name of nationalization plan. Except that my farewell took place in Ramadan. So everybody rushed to perform Isyak and Taraweh in one of the room, reserved by the Micasa Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar. Some muslim friends were already wearing baju melayu and kopiah and loungyis (kain pelikat), right from home, ready for prayers.

I would like to take this opportunies to apologize for all my wrong doings, be it big or small, obvious or subtle. I can’t make everyone happy, though I tried so hard. Anyway it is not my business as HR Manager to make every staff  happy. And also I would like to sincerely apologize for my wrong doings over the past 22 months in all Myanmar.

Thank you to all.  God willing I will return.


MAS tambah penerbangan ke Yangon, MYANMAR mulai September 2010


Iftaar di Miri, SARAWAK

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  1. nabilah

    good experience. not like myanmar we heard & read abt in malaysia media. sweet memories keep on.

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