He waited for me at the door when he saw my car pulled over to empty parking space. An old man with frail frame put a genuine smile on his face to welcome a foreign visitor to his apartment near Tamwe township in Yangon, Myanmar. The wife was equally excited to receive a simple me, only in normal unironed t-shirt. I heard about him from his daughter and he must have heard about me from her too. He was a retired Myanmar supreme court judge. A knowledgeable man indeed. He asked about me, my family, my country and he wished someday his country would be as advanced as Malaysia or Singapore. Then he talked about the history of Laws inherited from British. Then I sought his view about one pending case at office. Outsourcing noncore personnel from Myanmar labor laws perspective. He talked slowly, in difficulty but clear English, probably due to his health condition. Just came back from getting medical treatment in Singapore, where one of his daughters was staying. I was served fresh fruits together with some juices I bought at Citymart at Yankin enroute here. 

He is the father of one of my national staff at office. 

It was a good conversation. Before I left, I gave him a book on introduction to Islam as a present to him. May this friendship last. Ya ALLAH, berikan hidayah kpdnya.

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