June 2010:

If you are in Guangzhou, you should not miss Shenzen, the youngest city in China. There are many ways to get to Shenzen from Guangzhou.  The most common advice is by train from Guangzhou East Railway Station. But Last June 2010, we took  a bus ride from Baiyun Airport, a service provided by Baiyun Airport Express.  The coach is spacious and clean. En route you can enjoy many Chinese cities, towns and villages along the highway. You can buy a ticket at the ticket counter at Baiyun Airport and wait for the bus outside the airport terminal (I think at Gate 7 Arrival Hall). There many buses from the same company  going to different destinations, so make sure you go the right boarding place. You must buy a ticket prior to boarding.  The fare was 88 Yuan one way. The journey took about 3 hours with one quick stop at Shekou, just before entering Shenzen city limit. In Shenzen, the bus made a final stop at Bagualing Road. From here we took a taxi to our hotel near Louhu. A the final stop, beware of many touts waiting for the bus to arrive. When we got down the bus, they rushed to assist us with the luggage. TIPS: Hold your things to yourself and just pretend you know the way even though you do not know.  Stay cool and pretend talking to somebody on your mobile as if there is somebody is coming to pick you up even though nobody is coming. After a while these touts will go away and you can find a real taxi — colored red and silver. The place the bus finally stops is in fact a small decent hotel operated by the same Baiyun Airport Express. The hotel lobby serves both as a ticketing office for the same bus going back to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, and the entrance to the hotel. To get to the lobby,  go around the building and enter through the main entrance. There was a clean toilet at the lobby if you need to ease yourself. You can hail a metered city taxi from the main road right in front of the hotel lobby to anywhere in Shenzen. Again don’t forget to add fuel surcharge to the amount listed on the meter. Welcome to Shenzen everybody!