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Returning to Miri again

Miri in Sarawak is a beautiful city. On 5 July 2013, I returned to the city. I found this billboard greeting travellers to the city, while exiting Miri Airport (Airport code MYY).  It was a good feeling to be welcomed in the foreign place. Foreign in the sense that you must go thru immigration checkpoint once you landed in the Miri airport, eventhough you are Malaysian from KL or from other states within Malaysia.

I sure missed few things about Miri, one of them is nasi lalapan, others being road condition going out of city and its nearness to Brunei, which allows you to travel to the small wealthy kingdom with ease. I must say if there is two journeys I must undertake in Borneo, it would be Kuching-Pontianak and Sibu-Kapit.  Well, I will return this coming Malaysia Day to Miri.

By the way, one simple quiz to test your Malaysia knowledge; how many hours it takes for a bus ride from Sibu to Kapit?

Miri – halal food outlet


Jasmine Cafe is hidden from main roads in Miri downtown area. It is located in between rows of shophouses, along North Yu Seng Rd. Just turn left after Imperial Hotel. Jasmine Cafe serves chinese and local dishes at a reasonable price. Indonesian waitresses are friendly too. Fully airconditioned. Certified halal by JAKIM as of this posting. (Feb 2013).

Morning rush hour in Miri City


View of a road dividing SK and SM St Columba in Miri, Sarawak. Schools start early in Miri, where sunrise occurs at about 630am. At this time of the day, roads in Miri are congested with cars with schoolchildren, driven by their parents. Well, kids are the best long-term investment a man could ever have.

No way out from this city

AirAsia flight out of Miri fully booked

Hari Gawai Dayak on 30-31 May 2012 is a public holiday in Sarawak. It is time for balik kampung and family reunion. A long weekend indeed. ANd for MBA in Miri, it is time to go back to meet their families. For Malaya-bound, only those with carefully thought plan can go home. Why? All Air Asia flights in and out of Miri are overbooked from 29-31 May. But despair not. Do something diferent this long weekend. Like climbing pinnacle in Mulu. Or exploring caves at Niah.


Surau Kg Lereng Bukit, Miri, Sarawak


Aku sempat solat Asar berjemaah di surau ini hari ini. Asar masuk waktu jam 441pm di bandaraya Miri. Surau ini terletak di sebuah kampung di lereng bukit Canada, sebuah bukit popular di Miri overlooking pusat bandar.  Sebab itulah namanya begitu. Satu side ialah lereng bukit dan satu side lagi ialah jalanraya Miri-Pujut yang sibuk. Dari surau ini kelihatan jelas PELITA commercial center termasuk Servay supermarket. Hari ini, hanya 6 orang makmum termasuk imam, solat Asar walaupun kampung ini dipenuhi 5000 umat Islam pelbagai keturunan. Mungkin hidayah on the way.

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