This is Taman Seroja foodcourt. Located within walking distant to city center attractions such as Hotel Mega, Hotel Imperial, Miri handicraft center, Bintang Megamall, waterfront, it is an open-air eateries with stalls selling local foods from fried rice, nasi lalapan, nasi campur, noodles, grilled fish, and even soup and soto.  Price are reasonable. Which stall is good? You have to try it for yourself. Soup seems ok, the right-most stall. Sup tulang, as the name implies, is literally sup tulang. Soto comes with rice cubes. A bit overpriced. My friend Julayhi said fried rice at next stall is good. Never tried before.
If you are into nasi lalapan, do not come here. Instead go to its founder. Muara Restaurant at Jln North Yu Seng.