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Projek C: Filling it up before border crossing


It is always a good idea to fill up the tank full before entering Thailand.  Why?  Because petrol is much cheaper at this side.  Alhamdulillah.  Malaysia masih aman.  We stopped at this BHP station at Bukit Kayu Hitam on cool Sunday morning 20th September en route Cambodia.

Projek C: Passing by Alor Star KEDAH


Memories make you. Sweet memories make you smile alone.  Passing by my hometown Alor Star at the wee 0442 hours brings memory of my early school days.

Projek C: Checkpoint no. 3


Driving on a sprawling highway heading north takes toll on your eyes, and your tummy.
We stopped at Gurun R&R for a break. Nasi lemak but bungkus is certainly a refresher.

Somebody at Dannok Thailand tonight


While the rest of the Project C crew are still on the North-south highway,  bro Azhan visited border town of Danok to arrange for our smooth crossing into Thailand tomorrow morning.

Projek C: Flagoff at R&R Sg Buloh


Final numbers as of flagoff time:
6 4wd vehicles.
4 Toyota hiluxs
1 Nissan frontier
1 mitsubishi triton
24 participants
23 cows for qurban
600 naskah quran
1 box of 20 of kopi pak belalang
Mountain of hopes

Flagoff from R&R Sg Buloh at 2240 hours.  Next checkpoint is R&R simpang Pulai near Ipoh.

Ya Allah selamatlah perjalanan ini.

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