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Idil Adha 2011 di Miri, Sarawak


Idil Adha fell on Sunday 6/11/2011 in Miri, Sarawak, while neighboring friends in Brunei celebrated it a day after. The biggest masjid in Miri district, masjid attaqwa, became magnet to God-fearing muslims around Miri. Currently under renovation, it did not stop congregation from performing their duties. Ustaz Nassru delivered khutbah.

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Old man with mission on the train


  1. jaafar

    sekecil zarah..dikira
    tak sia, sia
    tiada siasah
    tiada keluh kesah
    manis diwajah
    tarbiah lah ilmu
    seiring waktu
    tiada dungu, mata selalu tertipu
    “salute” untukmu, dirimu, se isimu
    tidak bersendiri
    bumi sepi.

  2. Salam tuan. Terima kasih.

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