Satisfy your tastebud with the most popular everyday Malaysian dishes — which is no other than nasi lemak.  Nasi lemak is rice cooked in santan (coconut milk) and served together with sambal (spicy gravy) and other condiments and best savored in its most spartan form — traditionally wrapped in banana leave in pyramid shape. (See photo below — the leftmost menu item). Nasi lemak can be found anywhere —  in a posh hotel, by roadside stalls or even on MH and AK flights. If you are at LCCT and about to board a flight and still have 10 minutes to spare, try the stall below.

Nasi lemak stall at LCCT domestic departure hall.

For RM6.90 you get a nasi lemak complete with one half of hard boiled egg, anchovies, 2-3 slices of cucumber and a hot sambal (gravy). The package comes with a cup of kopi-o (black coffee). The stall is located right in front of departure gate P8 and P9. You can enjoy it in complete view of your departure gate, so that you will not miss the fight!