Click here for Map Miri to KK (updated Mac 2011)

Disclaimer: I found this roadmap on the internet when trying to figure out how to get to Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) from Miri (Sarawak) by road during school holiday in March 2011. What makes this project challenging and interesting is the fact that you have to cross international borders Malaysia/Brunei 4 times and clear 10 immigration checkpoints. This happens because of the geography of Brunei which is separated by Limbang, part of Sarawak state.
•To me this map is comprehensive enough to guide travelers crossing land borders and clearing immigration and custom checkpoints, despite not up to scale. Some facts were no longer relevant during my March 2011 trip. So I took liberty in updating this map in particular the stretches I traveled. I also put some actual site photos.
•Malaysians need no visa going into Brunei, international passport will do. For the rest, check your visa requirement first. I did not see any Visa On Arrival counter at various immigration checkpoints.
•All the credits go to the original author, God knows who.