March 2010 — Napydaw, Myanmar latest capital city, some 300 miles north of Yangon. – [DONE]

April 2010 — I am traveling back to Malaysia for 2-week holidays during Myanmar Water Festival, popularly known as Thingyan.  Expect some writeup on this. Probably something on Bangkok, the city now invaded by red-shirt protesters as on return flight to RGN I have to transit in BKK. Writeup on Terengganu or Kelantan is also possible.  [DONE]

May/June 2010 — Yangon – Bangkok – Guangzhou – Bangkok – Yangon. This project also covered Shenzhen (not Hong Kong) by road from Guangzhou. Got the free-seat on Air Asia for this project, except for airport taxes. [DONE-to be posted]

June 2010 — Syria or Halab (or Aleppo) to be exact.  Syria without Damascus or Syam is not Syria, so will make time to stop at Damascus. This project is 2003 revisit.    [CANCELED & REPLACED with EGYPT trip]

July 2010 — Ziarah Mesir (Cairo & Alexandria) & Umrah trip

August 2010 — Got posted to Miri, Sarawak on first days of Ramadan. BORNEO here I came!!! Expect some even more stories on Sabah/Sabah/Brunei and even Kalimantan.

Nov 2010 — Miri – Bintulu by road

Dec 2010 — UK or Leicester to be exact. [CANCELED]

Dec 2010 — Miri/Brunei/Baru Niah. [DONE]

Jan 2011 — Marudi, Sarawak. [DONE – story/pixs posted]

Feb 2011 — Gunung Kinabalu, Sabah. Managed to get to the top. Wow! This is company-sponsored staff relation program. [DONE]

March 2011 — Makassar/Ujung Padang, INDONESIA.  In case this project shelved because of outside cuti sekolah window, it will be replaced with Miri – Bintulu – Sibu – Kuching by road. [Makasar project defered & Miri-Sibu-Kuching project defered]

May 2011 – Miri – Kuala Lurah, Brunei – Limbang with Syed Salim [DONE]

Oct 2011 — Miri- Bintulu by road [DONE]

Nov 2011 — Miri – Sarikei – Ulu Pakan, SARAWAK with Yayasan Amal [DONE– story/pixs posted]

Dec 2011 — UK (second attempt) [CANCELED — replaced by Project U below]

Dec 2011 — Road trip Miri – Bintulu – Sibu – Sarikei – Saratok -Sri Aman – Kuching. This is one of the most memorable road trip covering more than 1000 kms. The car KIA FORTE hit pothole and tyre exploded near Tatau in the middle of nowhere at dusk. Thank you Bro Awang Azmi for the memory.[DONE].

March 2012 — Miri – Samalajau – Mukah – Oya – Dalat [DONE]

April 2012 — Miri – BSB, Brunei (with Hj Safa) [DONE]

June 2012 — Miri – Brunei – Kota Kinabalu. Another memorable road trip in Borneo. Any trip passing by Brunei always exciting. [DONE]

Sept 2012 — Miri – Brunei – Labuan (by road & ferry)

Dec 2012 — Miri – Brunei – Labuan (by road & ferry) – 2nd similar trip with Yayasan Wan Mahmud members

Dec 2012 — Miri – Kota Kinabalu (by air) [DONE]

Dec 2013 — Fraser’s Hill (jungle trekking dengan keluarga). See write-up.[DONE]

March 2014 –– Jambori Amal 4×4 di Hutan Lipor Jerangkang, Maran, PAHANG. [DONE]

June 2014 — OFFROAD trip to Pos Kuala Mu, Sg Siput, PERAK. [DONE]

Nov-Dec 2014Project U  (covering UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Paris) [DONE]

Dec 2014Project R  (Reykjavik, Iceland) [DONE]

August 2015MEDAN, SUMATERA (Ummi & Syahirah — rombongan Che Kiah) [DONE]

Sept-Oct 2015Project C (Kembara Korban di Kemboja, Vietnam and Thailand — roadtrip on 4×4). The one journey always in my mind. [DONE]

Nov 2015 — Ziarah amal dengan Amal 4×4 offroad di Pos Tuel, Lojing, Gua Musang, KELANTAN. [DONE]

March 2016Project PH (Manila, Baguio, Banaeu, Lipa City, Batangas in Philippine). Managed to visit Madrasah Tahfiz in Malitam, Batangas City. [DONE]

May 2016Project K (Kuching City and border town Serikin). Over-the-weekend trip with Ummi and Syahirah. Highlights are Lalapan King, Mom’s Laksa, and Kg Sikog and for her, of course Serikin market.

June 2016Project K2 (a Ramadan trip to Kuching to revisit Surau Umar Al Khattab, Kg Sikog). [CANCELED]

June 2016 — OFFROAD journey into the jungle of Perak during Ramadan (Pos Kuala Mu, Sg Siput). [DID NOT JOIN]

JULY 2016PROJECT W (Wales, UK). Sempena konvokesyen Dr Nabilah di Leceister, UK. Pengalaman pertama menaiki Qatar Airways. Dengan Ummi sahaja. Hehe macam honeymoon pulak.

DECEMBER 2016 — Umrah dengan Syahirah, Afiq, Adam, insyaallah. [DEFERED]

FEBRUARY 2017 — Makassar, Sulawesi, INDOENSIA. Menjejaki Zainudin yang tenggelam bersama kapal Van Der Wijk. Insyaallah. {DEFERED]

JANUARY 2017 — UK again, PARIS & AMSTERDAM (by bus from LONDON) with Syahirah & Nadirah & Ummi

FEBRUARY 2017 — Copenhagen, DENMARK & Malmo, SWEDEN by air from LONDON [DONE]. With Ummi only.

JUNE 2017 — Offroad trip to Kg Rakoh, Pos Lenjang, PAHANG.

SEPTEMBER 2017 — SEOUL & BUSAN (by train and return by bus, from Seoul} in SOUTH KOREA [DONE]

OCTOBER 2017 — Jamboree AMAL 4×4 No. 4 OFFROAD @ Lubuk Kawah, Tanjung Malim, PERAK [DONE]. With Hj Halim.


MAY 2018 — Offroad trip to Pos Tuel, GUA MUSANG. This is a follow-up trip. [DONE]. Roads tarred now.

AUGUST 2018 — Makkah (Hajj under TH) with Ummi.

NOVEMBER 2018 – Jamboree AMAL 4×4 No. 5 OFFROAD @ Jeram Tengkek to Jeram Janggut Lost Trek, Batu Kikir, NEGERI SEMBILAN [DONE]. With Hj Halim & Hj Zul, Zahid, Adam.

DECEMBER 2018 — Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA, HCM City VIETNAM. Lawatan ke Pondok Bustanul Ariffin di Kg Chom. InsyaAllah.

APRIL 2019 — BALKAN trip, insyaAllah.