I am an ordinary working man. Like most people,  I work for others. In the course of my work and during my free times I travel to a large extent, domestic or overseas. I enjoy more the journey rather than the destination. To me the roads and highways and airports are living things. Hotels (or motels) are my second home, if I am not at home.  I like watching people go by and capturing them in photos. I always see life is short, therefore the preparation for the next life is very important.  I believe in sharing, be it a lot of money or even a piece of info, hopefully some will benefit from it. So this blog is about my work and my story of the roads. I have an ambition that some day we can travel around the world with complete information about where to find halal food or where or when to say prayers. I write poetry sometimes, but never got published anywhere. Some unconventional people and things excite me — be it a personality, a literature or even a movie. I must say I am a fundamentalist at heart. I am a Malaysian, currently based in Miri, Sarawak. Call me Abu Adam. Write to me at abuadam2006@gmail.com.

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  1. abuadam says:

    Nice site. Info on Thailand very interesting.

  2. MAO - KK says:

    Salam sejahtera ya aghi!!!

  3. fathin zulaikha says:

    assalamualaikum tuan. saya fathin dari ampang. kalau tk keberatan boleh tk kongsikan tips trip tuan ke amsterdam. saya ada terbaca dalam post tuan. seperti tips tuan menggunakan transportation, pass memasuki museum dan tempat wajib lawat di amsterdam. jika tak keberatan bolehlah email (nurfathinz.zulaikha20@gmail.com) kepada saya. terima kasih.

  4. abuadam says:

    Responded via email. Sorry lambat.

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