I am an ordinary working man. Like most people,  I work for others. In the course of my work and during my free times I travel to a large extent, domestic or overseas. I enjoy more the journey rather than the destination. To me the roads and highways and airports are living things. Hotels (or motels) are my second home, if I am not at home.  I like watching people go by and capturing them in photos. I always see life is short, therefore the preparation for the next life is very important.  I believe in sharing, be it a lot of money or even a piece of info, hopefully some will benefit from it. So this blog is about my work and my story of the roads. I have an ambition that some day we can travel around the world with complete information about where to find halal food or where or when to say prayers. I write poetry sometimes, but never got published anywhere. Some unconventional people and things excite me — be it a personality, a literature or even a movie. I must say I am a fundamentalist at heart. I am a Malaysian, currently based in Miri, Sarawak. Call me Abu Adam. Write to me at abuadam2006@gmail.com.

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  1. abuadam says:

    Nice site. Info on Thailand very interesting.

  2. MAO - KK says:

    Salam sejahtera ya aghi!!!

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