Miri to Brunei (Bandar Seri Begawan) by road

18 September 2010:

If you happen to be in Miri, Sarawak, you should not miss visiting Brunei, because it is very nearby.  By road under normal driving and traffic, you should you should reach the capital city of Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan within 2 hours with total distance of about 150 kms. But there are some formalities at the border crossing which could be quite tricky for the first timers, nevertheless it is a breeze if you know how. I will share my experience crossing Malaysia/Brunei border by road in this post.

The roads are all the way paved and some stretch are 4-lane highway and with fast car you will enjoy the speed of your machine. If you have time, you could enjoy the green tropical sceneries at one side and the South China Sea  breeze on the other side. You will see most towns in Brunei along this journey like Kuala Belait, Seria, Jerudong are all beach towns.

First stage is from Miri to Sungai Tujuh checkpoint. The checkpoint is about 30 kms from Miri city center. To reach this border checkpoint, you have two options. First you could drive north to Lutong along the coastal road and before reaching Kuala Baram, turn right following the direction to Sungai Tujuh. Alternatively from Miri  you could reach the checkpoint  via Tudan or Permyjaya. Either way, follow the roadsign leading to Sungai Tujuh checkpoint or Kuala Belait. No mention of Bandar Seri Begawan yet at this point in time.

Maneuvouring thru checkpoint is a bit tricky. First you must pass Malaysia Immigration checkpoint. No need for you and passengers to get off from the car. Just drive thru and at the counter hand over all the international passports to the clerk inside the booth. Malaysians do not need visa to enter Brunei, international  passports will do. Other nationalities please check with your own consulates. After passports stamped and returned, you will drive thru a winding road passing thru Brunei police station. By now you are already in the Brunei side of the border already. Do not stop at the police station. Just drive up along the winding road and you will reach Brunei Immigration checkpoint. Again, just drive thru and hand over the passports to a clerk at the counter. Here she will stamp the entry visa in your passports which allows you to stay in Brunei for up to one month on social visit pass. Then you will come to Custom checkpoint. Since you are bringing Malaysian car into Brunei, they will ask you to fill up a car pass. Get the form from them and fill up vehicle particulars. All info requested about the vehicles can be found in the car grant or title issued by JPJ Malaysia. So it is strongly recommended that you carry along a copy of such car grant. Pull over to a waiting bay to fill up the form.
Brunei is such a rich country that no fees whatsoever required. By the way the vehicle pass is valid for one month, which means you can use the same pass many times to enter Brunei. Thats why you see some drivers just drive thru and hand over their old car pass for stamping by the Custom official — because they already filled up once. Once you are done with the Brunei Custom, you are already on the way to Bandar Seri Begawan, some 127 kms from the checkpoints. On Brunei roads you will see majority big cars with Brunei plate numbers which starts with B or K refering to districts in Brunei. You can easily be mistaken with Kedah or Selangor plate number which also starts with K and B respectively, but the difference is bigger font size. You will pass by towns like Kuala Belait, Jerudong and Tutong before you reach BBS. After BBS is Muara, the town at the furthest end of the highway.

After a while you will come to a toll plaza at which every car passing thru must pay 3 Brunei Dollar. Take note that there is no proper rest area along the highway. As you are passing villages you may stop at the road-side restaurants or shops for a break. Observe speed limit as police patrol cars in latest Chevrolet Cruze are watching you.

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82 Responses to Miri to Brunei (Bandar Seri Begawan) by road

  1. shohel says:

    i want to visit brunei from kota kinabalu by bus or ferry, but i don’t know how can possible plz tell me details,

  2. abuadam says:

    If Brunei here means Bandar Seri Begawan, you must cross Temburong district, another part of Brunei and comes to Puni, a small village (Brunei side). From Puni you need to cross a river (Panduran river? please check) by ferry (also carry cars) and travel for 20km or so to reach Limbang town. Limbang is in Malaysian territory. AFter Limbang you travel some 50 kms to Tedungan and cross over to a Kuala Luarh (Brunei). BSB is about 40 minutes drive from Kuala Lurah. Puni/Panduran and Tedungan/Kuala Lurah are all international border crossings. You must have valid international passports.

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  5. Shirley says:

    Hi..Is it possible to enter Miri without international passport? i only have brunei passport..

  6. abuadam says:

    From Brunei side, you need Brunei international passport to enter Miri. I am not sure of any other travel document which could replace international passport. SOme local peoples living near borders may have and use them.

  7. byya says:

    Hi, is there any public transportation available to cross from Miri to Brunei?

  8. abuadam says:

    Yes they are express busses from Miri to Brunei event until KK. In Miri you can board them at Pujut Corner bus terminal. The bus will stop at Sg Tujuh checkpoint and individual passesnger needs to get down and clear his immigration matter on his own.

  9. fen says:

    hai, im planning to drive to miri from sipitang. i heard that the custom required original car grant, can u confirm it ? very appreciate if u can brief me the distance/time start from sipitang to brunei to miri for every checkpoint.


  10. abuadam says:

    No need original car grant. A copy is good enough. Reason being is that Brunei custom form require car details like make, model, year manufactured, engine & chassis no and these info only available on the car grant. They dont even see the car grant. (my experience at Sg 7 checkpoint, because I’m entering Brunei from Miri). Some info on distance.
    Beaufort – Lawas about 110km.
    Lawas – Kg Puni about 60km
    Kg Puni – Limbang town about 10 km
    Limbang – K Lurah about 44km
    K Lurah – Sg Tujuh about 140km
    Sg 7 – Miri about 30km.
    Road are good. SO you can estimate the travel time.
    Drive safely.

  11. Mie says:


    Nak tanya, kita perlu isi borang embarkation macam biasa ke? Kalau ya, di mana kita perlu isi? Adakah di kaunter imigresen Brunei tu atau boleh dapat dimana sebelumnya. 

  12. abuadam says:

    Salam, Utk warganegara Malaysia, tiada borang apa-apa perlu diisi ketika menyeberangi masuk brunei atau keluar.
    Yg perlu hanya international passport ( yg merah tu) yg masih laku sekurang2nya 6 bulan. Borang kenderaan adalah sebahagian dari prosedur kastam dan MESTI diisi. Itupun sekali sahaja dan simpan sehingga keluar dari Brunei. Borang yg sama boleh diguna selama sebulan jika nak bawa kereta masuk ke Brunei lagi. Borang ini tersedia di kaunter kastam Brunei (Sg Tujuh checkpoint). Minta di kaunter pandu lalu, berhentikan kereta sekejap utk isi dan serah balik di kaunter tadi.

  13. Abdul Roup says:

    salam,saya merancang utk berkereta dari sibu ke Tawau dan akan melalui Brunei,boleh tolong beri pandang atau nasihat dokumen2 yg perlu utk melalui Negara Berunei.Terimakasih

  14. Mugs badi says:

    We are going to brunei from Miri 18mar2012 the q is horrible from Malaysia check point to Brunei check point no q at malaysia due they open 12 posts brunei open only 3 posts that’s why q is very long at Brunei post

  15. Ida says:


    me and my friends are planning to visit Brunei – our concern is if we would like to rent a car and bring the rented car into Brunei – is that possible? do you have contact number that we could hire the car perhaps. thanks.   

  16. abuadam says:

    DEar Ida, AT Miri Airport arrival hall, there are many counters of car rentals. Rates are reasonable but during holidays better book upfront. I dont hv the contact nos. I can find out if you want to. Let me know. Yes driving into Brunei using rental car should not be any problem. Just enquire at the counter is there any other requirments, also dont forget to bring a copy of car grant. For own car, from my experience Malaysians dont need to purchase special insurance going into Brunei, unlike going into Thailand where you need to purchase insurance based on days in Thailand.

  17. abuadam says:

    Maap lambat reply.
    Salam, Utk warganegara Malaysia, tiada borang apa-apa perlu diisi ketika menyeberangi masuk brunei atau keluar.
    Yg perlu hanya international passport ( yg merah tu) yg masih laku sekurang2nya 6 bulan. Borang kenderaan adalah sebahagian dari prosedur kastam dan MESTI diisi. Itupun sekali sahaja dan simpan sehingga keluar dari Brunei. Borang yg sama boleh diguna selama sebulan jika nak bawa kereta masuk ke Brunei lagi. Borang ini tersedia di kaunter kastam Brunei (Sg Tujuh checkpoint). Minta di kaunter pandu lalu, berhentikan kereta sekejap utk isi dan serah balik di kaunter tadi.

  18. Rosnani says:

    From Miri to Brunei, if I drive a rented car, is it possible as I do not have the car registration card and I am not the owner of the car? Do I have to pay anything?

  19. abuadam says:

    Salam. For rented cars, pls inform rental company that u want to drive over to brunei. Get a copy of registration card from them. U need car chassis and engine no. When filling up custom card at the border crossing. I am not sure of additional charges but likely so because of insurance bigger coverage. Anyway just ask.

  20. Micha says:

    How long will the bus take from Brunei to Miri? I will have an afternoon flight and just want to make sure i have time enough.

  21. abuadam says:

    The distance Brunei – Miri about 150km, downtown to downtown. Normal drive about 2.5 hours. You would need another hour or so to clear immigration checkpoint. To be safe 4 hours should be fine.

  22. kayrul says:

    if i wanna rent a car from brunei airport then i wanna go to miri, what kind of documents need to bring along…? tq

  23. Alicia says:

    I’m planning to drive from Labuan to Miri thru Brunei. Appreciate it if you can brief me the route from Muara to Miri and every checkpoint. Thank u.

  24. Alicia says:

    I’m planning to drive from Labuan thru Brunei to Miri. Appreciate if you can brief me the route and every checkpoint. Thank u.

  25. ajak says:

    saya bersama family 8 orang(6dewasa 2kanak). Bercadang menaiki  menaiki kapalterbang dari Sepang ke Miri (tidur di Miri 1 malam) kemudian sewa van/kereta ke Brunei (mungkin disana 3-4 hari) kemudian ke Miri (tidur semalam) sebelum balik kuala lumpur.
    Minta pandangan dan cadangan jika ada pa peringatan dan sebagainya. 

  26. amy says:

    I understand that a Taiwanese to enter Brunei needs VISA but can it be process upon arrival at custom Brunei and how much the charge?

  27. abuadam says:

    Dear Amy, not sure about VOA for Taiwanese. I suggest you check with Brunei embassy in yr country.

  28. abuadam says:

    Salam, 3-4 hari di Brunei agak panjang, kecualilah tuan ada misi khas spt buat kajian atau melawat tempat tertentu di luar BSB spt melawat taman negara di temburong dsb. 8 orang memerlukan 12 seater van utk lebih selesa. Kalau tiada agenda spesifik, saya cadangkan boleh langsung ke Limbang atau Labuan (dg feri dari BSB).

  29. abuadam says:

    Dear Alicia, Cannot drive from Labuan to Brunei. You must take ferry (1 hr 30 min). There is a Malaysian immmigration checkpoint at Labuan International ferry terminal and once you arrive at Serasa ferry terminal in Brunei, there is Brunei immigration/custom checkpoint. From Brunei, u can drive to Miri (about 2 hours). You must go thru Sungai Tujuh checkpoint prior to crosssing into Miri. All checkpoints are international border crossing and you must have proper documentations.

  30. abuadam says:

    dear kayrul, sorry late reply. I am not sure myself. But if the other way around (from Miri to Brunei) you need a copy of car’s grant.

  31. Hanafiah Hamid says:

    Sir, I intend to ride my bike from Miri to Labuan via Muara Ferry service. I was informed that checkpoint only opens at 0600 hrs. Ferry service is at 0930 hrs but I was informed that must be at the ferry terminal by 0830 hr ie 1 hour before ferry departure. My question is, can I make it bthe stipulated time? Thank you for your responds.

  32. abuadam says:

    Yes sg tujuh checkpoint opens at 6am daily. Also true you should be at serasa ferry terminal in muara brunei abt one hr before departure. Ferry to labuan has limited spaces for cars. The earlier the better. Based on my experience in Sept 2012, it took about 2 hours non-stop from Sg 7 to Muara, provided normal traffic flow. Kuala Belait junction to Seria bit crowded then in the morning when people mainly in oil&gas business rushing to work.

  33. zarina says:

    salam abu adam,

    i have employment pass and had been working in brunei for over a year; only recently was told by immigration while embarking brunei from miri that i need to fill in the embarkation form. is there any reference that i can refer to regarding embarkation form requirement for malaysian to enter brunei? many thanks 🙂

  34. jenny says:

    ada tak hotel2 yg murah kat brunei? 

  35. abuadam says:

    embarkation form to brunei to be filled up by those arriving in airplane or boats (from labuan). malaysians driving to brunei from miri do need such forms.

  36. abuadam says:

    if you search via agoda.com, all hotels in brunei are expensive i.e. more than USD70 per night. i stayed in jubilee hotel last time and the service were bad, rooms small, eventhoungh near tamu kianggeh (morning market). later i found one cheaper alternative — apartment kompleks mohd yusof. it was USD50 per nite with shopping center at the ground floor. for 1-room apt complete with cooking facility, the rate is USD60. the location is jalan tutong, about 1-mile to kampung ayer and very nearby to sultan istana.

  37. ejit says:

    Nak tnya la, hway slps imigration sg Tujoh, boleh direct ke BSB ker? TQ.

  38. abuadam says:

    yes, highway tu terus ke BSB. Keluar selepas Jerudong. Ikut tanda jalan ke BSB.

  39. abuadam says:

    Apology. Not USD but BND.

  40. flolyn says:

    I want to check whether tinted glass are allow or not…Im from Sabah…want to go to Brunei.. Please advice…thank you.

  41. This page definitely has all the info I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  42. abuadam says:

    Tinted glasses is a big no-no inBrunei. I hv never experienced it myself but my colleague’s car was turned back to Miri at the Brunei custom checkpoint at Sg Tujuh, unless he was willing to pay fines. Should be the same enforcement even you come from Sabah side.

  43. cacah says:

    wah, very informative and helpful
    thanks for sharing. 🙂  

  44. Isk says:


    Can i use Singapore Dollar in Brunei and to pay the toll? Are Singapore coins accepted? 

  45. Iskandar says:

    Can i use Singapore dollar to pay toll an spend in Brunei? How about the Singapore coins?

  46. abuadam says:

    Only brunei dollar (bnd) accepted at borders. Suggest you buy some bnds in miri.

  47. abuadam says:

    Only bnd accepted at borders. Suggest you buy some bnds in miri.

  48. IAN says:

    I am coming to work in Brunei,can I bring my malaysia registered car from Kuala Lumpur to Brunei,car is 1 yr old.? ie. can I import it and does anyone know any agents that do this ?

  49. abuadam says:

    Sorry. Unable to help. I suggest you contact HR dept of the Brunei company you are working with. They should be able to help on this matter.

  50. aba says:

    I want to rent a car and ..can i drive from BSB to Sg Tujoh?
    Flying tis week end.thanks 

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